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Gyokuro Sakamoto Saemidori (Green Tea) - Kirishima, Japan

Gyokuro Sakamoto Saemidori (Green Tea) - Kirishima, Japan

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High to top quality fukamushi (deep-steamed) sencha of the first pluck from Kakegawa in Shizuoka Prefecture, home of Mount Fuji.
The young and tender leaves have a fruity aroma reminding of black currants. Grown in the mountains and picked early in the season, the leaves have not been exposed to a lot of sunlight and could grow slowly, which makes this a very delicate, full-flavoured sencha, with a long, sweet aftertaste. The fukamushi process (steaming for a longer time at a higher temperature) breaks the cells in the leaves and allows all the aroma and flavour to come out. The leaves become finer and dissolve to some extent in the cup. Thereby you will consume more tea (anti-oxidants and nutrients) per cup. The high quality of the tea makes it possible to infuse the tea several times. The higher the grade, the fuller
and richer the flavour.
Fukamushi sencha is also great to use for making iced green tea.



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